Revere AB consists of Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg. We started Revere year 2001 with the purpose of focusing more on building up our clients competence and capability. We have created a simple and powerful methodology which drives change and builds competence.

Why us?

We have worked with more than 50 longer improvement projects in over 10 countries. Our experience is both in traditional manufacturing but also within service, marketing and strategic work.

We co-operate with other consultants such as Part Development (, JMAC (, Hans Jeppsson AB (, Templog (, Jan Holm (Vianuova AB), Helena Borges, Fredrik Fleetwood (Fleetwood Ledarskap), Magnus Lord etc.

We are responsible and develop workshops for PLAN ( and lecture at universities and conferences.

In our work we have seen the power of action based learning and therefore sell and develop games such as Lean Game, Supply Chain Game, Lean Knowledge Builder etc. To further spread the knowledge of Lean we have published two Lean books in Swedish: Ny Verktygslåda för Lean (New Toolbox for Lean) and Lean Handbok för Service och Tjänster (The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems).

We have attended several conferences and training both in Sweden and abroad including Japan at Toyota for JMAC, Shingijutsu and Gemba Research. We have both Master of Science degrees from Chalmers University of Technology and Joakim also has an MBA from INSEAD.