About Us

Revere AB is run by Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg. 

Both Pia and Joakim are acknowledged leaders in the area of implementing lean, organizational change and creating system of continuous improvement with sustainable results. Their main focus is building capability through an integration of training, implementing and coaching clients. They have been working in a broad range of industries both in manufacturing, service, public sector and healthcare, and been involved in a wide range of large scale improvements in over 15 countries for over 28 years each.


You can always improve

They have extensive training in improvement tools and methods from both Japanese experts (JMAC, Shingijutsu, Gemba Research and at Toyota) and Global Lean experts (John Seddon, Peter Hines, Steven Spear, Bob Emiliani, Mike Rother, Bill Costantino/Toyota Kata, John Bicheno, Jeff Liker …). Together their clients have included  Newbody (Swedish Lean Prize winner 2016), Tetra Pak (Swedish Lean Prize Winner 2014), SKF, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Gambro (Swedish Lean Prize Winner 2013), IKEA, Swedish Television, Skåne University Hospital. They have written numerous articles, co-written books and developed and run numerous on-the-job workshop training of both top management and shop floor personnel. They have developed and delivered different Lean management games (Lean Production, Lean Admin Game, Supply Chain and Lean Development) and trained well over 500 people and organizations in Europe and Asia in 10 languages.