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A key challenge for companies is to develop their offer. One of the most important sources for development is your customers. Unfortunately, companies often have very poor communication with their customers. Also understanding customers' needs through market research only gives you a very superficial view.

As individuals we are all customers and know how difficult it is to give feedback to companies. If we have an idea or a concern, such as in a hotel, you feel almost attacked or guilty if you try to give feedback about something. Furthermore staff at the company receiving feedback is far down in the hierarchy and do not have the power nor know what to do with the information. There is neither method nor incentive for them to bring feedback to the right people in the organization.

Can we create a way where customers easily can give feedback (ideas or complaints) where and when the customer has the idea? How do we create structured way of working where the right people in our organization continuously discuss ideas for improvements with customers? We think our app is the answer to these questions.

Revere is a consulting firm that supports organizations in becoming Lean. The aim of Lean is simply explained; based on customer's needs we need to create better processes in our organizations where employees are empowered and drive improvements and not only do their daily job . We have developed this app as a powerful tool for companies to develop its product and service together with those that have the best information, the customer! We have begun to develop an app for boats and primarily one type of boat. The plan is to learn and develop the app further for more manufacturers, products and services.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want more information.
Joakim Hillberg, 0705-746812
Pia Anhede, 0705-438048


How many of you have wanted to give feedback on a product or service to a company but didnít do it?

Now you can do it for your BRIG-boat.

BRIG is first with the customer feedback app MyBoat where customers can communicate their ideas directly to the manufacturer. It makes it possible for the company to develop their offer with their customers!

Through MyBoat you as customer can directly get in touch with your questions, thoughts and ideas. You just write and take pictures directly from your smartphone, the app takes care of the rest.

Most customers do not bother to give any feedback until they are feed up and file a claim. It's too complicated, you do not know who to call or email and there are too many layers before you reach the right person. But claims are just the tip of the iceberg, research shows that behind every claim there also exists up to a 1000 smaller concerns. These issues result in lost customers and lost sales but even worse is the word-of-mouth effect, while a happy customer may talk to one person, an unsatisfied customer will talk to at least 10 people about their experience. Through social media this is getting out of control, there are numerous examples where posted complaints receive over 40 000 "likes" in just a day. That is not a good base for customer dialogue and improvement! With the iPhone app MyBoat; ideas, thoughts and problems from customers are only visible to those who posted them and the company that receives the information.

For businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to develop its offer. Unfortunately good ideas do not come by themselves and the best sources are usually customers. Developing a structured direct communication with customers who care is made possibly with this app. Companies receive feedback through a database web interface where it is easy to analyze, organize and systematize ideas for improvements. You can also keep track of which customers received a reply, how long it took, etc. Everything that in the long run will develop a companyís offer and in the end build loyalty and long term unique customer relationships.

Or as Brig puts it: The app MyBoat feedback helps us to make the best boat even better!

For more info contact:

Joakim Hillberg, 0705-746812
Pia Anhede, 0705-438048